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This Week On WGH:

- Vito went to the WWE House Show


- AEW 

- WrestleMania possibilites.  

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This Week On ITR:

- Musician Ted Nott joins Ben & Vito to talk about his life on the road.

- Starting out in the music business

- Living with a male stripper

- Drugs...

- Fucking his drug therapist, then doing drugs with her

- Having a hit put out on him if he kept fucking this dudes wife


Watch us on Facebook LIVE https://www.facebook.com/vitosworld/videos/10157079692667164/

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This Week On ITR:

- The swingers are back!!!

Welcome back Joy & Allen

- Where are they at now as a couple that fuck other couples?

- Horror stories

- Have they DP'ed yet?

- New Years...?

- Unicorn Slayer 

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This Week On ITR:

- We are back and on Facebook Live


- The boys catch everyone up on what's been going on the last three months

- Sex Robots are back!

- Need a shit story?

- #No Homo

- Modern-Day-Nipple-Off (click on our Facebook Live link above, in this thread)

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Original Air Date: 3/7/2017

- ITR added a third member?

- Paying taxes on a robot slave?

- Vito in Facebook jail for 7 days

- DJ Ben in full effect this week

- Ben might die before his wedding

- How much pee's in a pool?

- Do you like Peeps that make your shit pink?

- Legal Bestiality

- Pandering country music

- Casa Bonita

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We have been on a long break, but Ben, Joey & Vito are back to bring you all the things you need to know in the world of pro wrestling.

- AEW is here and we think its...

- ROH & NWA bring you the Crockett Cup

- David Arquette's rise to fame

- Jungle Boy will be a star.  Who else do the guys think will break out by the end of 2019?

- Death Pool Update.

- WWE talk

- Joey has an exclusive on Cody Rhodes 

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Original Air Date: 07/07/2014

This Week On ITR:

- Funny Open

- Brandon gets married

- When did it all turn around?

- Bullshitting with Brooks

- Step In Our Office talk




- This was live on YouTube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4pjHxE0KAa0&t=402s


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On this 1GW Special:

Former Wisconsin indie wrestler Tyler Baggins joins Ben Jordan for a chat about...

- Tyler took how many hits of acid before the show?

- What happened after leaving wrestling?

- Becoming a viral sensation

- Becoming a InfoWars contributor

This is one of the wildest interviews in 1GW history, check it out!

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Original Air Date: 11/17/2014

This episode was live on YouTube when it originally aired.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z3Nm8p1DELI

- Ben, Vito, Mike Brooks & Pauly Thomaselli are all In The Rotation!!!

- Chuck "No E" Smooth is back on the show, full of stories.

- Chuck starts off with some Corp stories.

- Northern Lights Pro Wrestling Re-Visited

- "In hindsight, fuck her"

- Chuck & Vito make a new guy do coke to pay dues

- Lasalle Stories

- Vito tells Ian Rotten story

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This Week on ITR: 

Vito is live from Reno, NV for this episode and we're joined by Brandon/Pauly/Whatever His Name Is for the first time in THREE YEARS!

- Vito gets a promotion at work. What is it?

- We need to get the band back together

- What's up with the new girl on Pauly's Facebook page?

- How did his relationship with Liz end?

- How did things effect Nova?

- Vito talks about Liz's personality traits

- A guy got what stuck in his penis?

- After Pauly leaves the show, Vito tells the story of him and Sal ribbing Pauly & Liz at their wedding party

- Why it's all his dad's fault

- Why Sal is the best at ribs and blaming it on Vito

- Vito's mom cuts a Ric Flair-type promo on Vito

- Sal steals Brandon's pillows

- Brandon ribs himself

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